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Free Resources For the Start of the 2020-2021 School Year

With so much uncertainty surrounding the start of the next school year, our goal is to provide as many valuable resources to schools as possible. Veracross Connect and Veracross University are free and available to all school employees.

Veracross Connect

Veracross Connect is the Veracross user conference. Recently we made the decision to not only pivot to a virtual event, but also to focus the theme on how schools are preparing for the fall in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and open the event to all independent school employees. We will be offering session throughout the summer exploring themes like rethinking student engagement, virtual admissions events, and much more! Click here to learn more about Veracross Connect.

Veracross University

Veracross University is a series of 500+ training videos and learning assessments with the goal of providing training to Veracross users across each department at a school. Veracross University includes classes on admissions and enrollment, academics and student life, communications, development, and an introduction to Veracross and data management. Click here to learn more about Veracross University.

Our Message to Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Thank You and We're Here to Help!

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What Schools Are Saying about Veracross

Jason Ramsden, Chief Information Officer at Ravenscroft School

"Since the beginning of our partnership, and through the years, Veracross continues to listen to our needs and build tools that make sense for our school and constituents."

Anne Sena, Director of Technology at St. David's School

"Veracross is designed in a way that provides our school a flexible, best-in-class, scalable school information system that supports all aspects of our school in a seamless way. The focus of the Veracross team on our school’s success has resulted in a strategic partnership between St. David’s School and Veracross that we will continue to leverage as we move into the future."

Patrick Godfrey, Chief Information Officer at Rowland Hall

"Veracross provides the best support of any software I have used in my 20 years at Rowland Hall. Our account manager functions as another member of our technology team, always keeping an eye out for our school’s best interests. Veracross has been a great partner and continues to improve and innovate, making them essential to student record management at Rowland Hall."

Liz Gouldman, Director of Digital Media and Database at Holton-Arms

"Veracross has provided Holton-Arms with an integrated school information solution that has grown with us over the last ten years as our community has demanded greater digital connectivity. The Veracross team has been responsive to our needs and fabulous to work with."

One school, one system

School information management based on one single database across all areas of the school. Update something once and it ripples across the entire school.

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401 Edgewater Place

Suite 360

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401 Edgewater Place

Suite 360

Wakefield, MA 01880